01. Videography

I can provide 360-degree video services including sound recording, video shooting and post production. I create the clearest, most artistic and emotional message that companies would like to convey to their potential customers by using different video techniques.

02. Photography

I provide services in all aspects of studio lighting / camera adjustment, editing, shooting and retouching. I attended an analog photography training in order to better understand digital photography and I wrote blog posts about what I learnt by this training and my real-world experience. I did photo shoots and arrangements in many different sectors. 

03. Social Media

 It is very important that the photos and videos I take are exhibited at the right time and in the most correct way. I started providing social media service because of this reason. I present the analysis I made by reviewing social media accounts to my customers. I prepare and manage advertisements for different posts. I optimize the company’s social media accounts by applying all the recent features.

Video Services

Corporate Video

High-quality video editing and post-production

Video Advertising

Facebook Ads / Instagram Ads/ YouTube Ads

Testimonial Videos

Using great storytelling and dynamic visuals for business outcomes

Promotional Videos

Mixing footage, images, motion design, and 2D/3D graphics

Product/Website Presentation Videos

Videos about promoting products or websites

Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin video content & SEO

Making personal branding videos for celebrities, YouTubers or businesses.

Photo Services

Fashion/Portrait Photography

Fashion photography and Skin/Makeup/Body/Hair Beauty Retouching
Portrait Photography and Retouch

Event Photography

Creative services for corporate and non-profit events

Product Photography and editing

Color changing, background removal, adding shadow or reflection)

Social Media Services

Account Analysis

In this step, first the account will be analyzed. A meeting is held with the customer, they are asked what kind of emotion they want to create on social media and a road plan is drawn up.

Photo & Video Produksiyon

Photo Production : A design is made according to the emotions that the managed account wants to convey. The colors of the brand are used as the design will help to the awareness of the brand. Photographs are edited as a result of photo shoots. The edited photos are sized for different social media accounts.
Video Production : Video is used to convey the comprehensive messages. According to the desired video service, either video shooting or video animation is made. During this process, it is very important to be in constant communication with the company or person. The story is written according to the desired message and that story is recorded on video. The captured video is edited. It is sized for different social media accounts.


Photo and editing are the things to do after content creation.

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